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Physician Licensing Service

Physician Licensing Service is among the nation’s most trusted medical licensing and credentialing service. Physician Licensing Service was established in April of 1997 with the purpose of providing an effective solution to the growing challenges of obtaining medical licensure across the United States. From that time to the present, the company has consulted with over 40,000 physicians from the United States and various countries worldwide. During this time, PLS began offering services in professional consulting, state licensing, licensure renewal and maintenance, hospital credentialing, federal DEA registration, state controlled substance permits and exam registration.  We have devoted over two decades and thousands of man hours pioneering a proven system that accelerates licensing while virtually eliminating your involvement in the process.

Regardless of the service option you choose, our focus on the initial processing is designed to accomplish three things:

1: Provide the required applications, verifications & supporting documents while allowing state & government agencies to process efficiently, without interruption.

2: Ensure the timely processing of the required verifications while eliminating response errors & re-processing.

3 :Streamline & simplify the process while reducing your time involvement to minutes.

By doing this we can accelerate y our processing time dramatically, saving days, weeks, or even months.  The bottom line: you will get credentialed quickly, easily, and without the difficulties germane to the common licensing and credentialing process.

We have assembled a complete range of services to handle all your licensing & credentialing needs.  We will not only provide you with free consulting but will also complete any licensing process to get you practicing without hassle or delay.