We highly recommend PLS. PLS makes the entire licensing process for our company stress-free. They handle everything while keeping our staff and physicians informed along the way. We look forward to a long, productive and collegial relationship. Thank you PLS for a job well done! – Radisphere National Radiology Group, Ohio

PLS always thinks outside the box when we need to come up with creative solutions to move the licensure process along for our providers. They are very knowledgeable about each state’s process. We have enjoyed our relationship with PLS and have found them to be very responsive to our needs. They communicate with us regularly about the status of our providers. It has been a joy to work with PLS. – Cogent Healthcare, Tennessee 
We ordered 5 licenses from PLS and 5 licenses from one of their competitors 2 weeks earlier. With PLS, 3 out of the 5 licenses were issued (with the remaining 2 just awaiting interview & final board review) while the other company hadn’t even issued one! We were so disappointed with this other company, that we ordered 5 completion services with PLS to clean up their competitor’s mess. – AW, American Imaging Management, Illinois
The Spine and Brain Neurosurgical Center would like to thank you for the wonderful service that you have provided. We have discovered how tedious and time-consuming licensing a physician can be and using your company has made this process easier for us. PLS has been wonderful to work with and we look forward to continuing our relationship with you. – Spine and Brain Neurosurgical Center, Kentucky
Thank you for the wonderful service that Physician Licensing Service has provided to M.D. Anderson Physicians Network. The prompt, thorough and courteous service you personally have provided has made a very tedious process very easy for us. We are very pleased with the progress we have made on license applications in multiple states. We look forward to continuing our relationship with PLS. – M.D. Anderson, Texas Thanks so much. Your company made this licensure enjoyable – well worth the cost. Will recommend your services to others. – Dr. TPS, Americhoice, United Health Care, New Jersey It was a pleasure working with the folks at Physician Licensing Service. They were quick and responsive, and I always had a sense of where the process was at any given time. The folks here remarked that it was the quickest they had seen a California license issued in the past several years. I would certainly recommend them to my colleagues. Dr. MW, California 
I would like to thank your staff for all the assistance you gave me with obtaining a license in both Virginia and Delaware. I have been practicing medicine for over 20 years and have not had to deal with medical licensing for quite some time. I appreciate your knowledge, expertise, and attention to details. Your service saved me hours of frustration in dealing with numerous forms and phone calls. Therefore, I was able to continue with my busy practice while my applications were being processed. I highly recommend PLS to any physician applying for licensure. Additionally, I would not hesitate to use your services again if and when the need arises. Thank you for all of your attention and personal service. – Dr. RM, Virginia & Delaware
I have used PLS over the last year to help me get licensed in 31 states so far. They have been very helpful and prompt and I would recommend them highly. – Dr. CG, Georgia
I want to thank PLS and its staff for providing me with excellent service in obtaining my New York license. The services provided by your company were prompt, courteous, and always, superb. Your staff kept me informed of the process every step of the way. I have no hesitation in recommending PLS to anyone. I will surely use you again, should I ever need to in the future. – Dr. RM, New York You totally ROCK…All of you! Fast, efficient, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. I’ll continue to recommend you heartily to every colleague I know. Thank you. Until next time… – Dr. DT, Oregon
Thank you for the efficient and effective services of PLS. I was recently licensed in two states, one of which had a tight deadline. Without your focused attention, I would not have made that deadline. Your services were therefore invaluable to me and I recommend your organization without hesitation to physicians requiring licensing, especially those doing so in multiple states. – Dr. LM, California
While obtaining my ten licenses, I have found the expertise at PLS to be invaluable.  I have continued to work with PLS because they are efficient, very organized and do a great job.  I also appreciate the reminders to let me know what additional materials I may need to submit.  As you know, completing the various state applications is very tedious and time consuming.  It would take an inordinate amount of time from my work day to do this, as I would personally have to make follow-up calls, stay on hold, etc.  Honestly, it would never get done.  I appreciate their attention to detail. I have found PLS to be an honest and trustworthy organization.  I feel very comfortable with the company handling my sensitive documents.  The money spent is well worth it!  For me, there is no other way to apply for a license! – Dr. RB With my lifestyle, I just do not have any free time. Getting my CA license was a piece of cake through PLS. I have liked the service, efficiency, quality, and affordability of getting my license through them. I highly recommend using Physician Licensing Service. – Dr. WK, California
I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for all your help and excellent coaching during my applications for medical licensure in the states of Florida, New York and New Jersey.  One of the main reasons your service is so satisfying is because I had experienced the frustration of being ‘on hold’ multiple times trying to deal with federal and state agencies. A friend of mine recommended Physician Licensing Service after he got tremendous help from you during his medical license application.  Both of us agree it was definitely worth every penny spent and I am grateful for all of your hard work, constant energy and your commitment to helping doctors. I wish for you continuing success in all that you do. – Dr. AGK, Florida, New York, & New Jersey
I have had the occasion to apply for medical licensure in many states.  In the past, I have made the applications on my own and I have found this task most arduous and time-consuming with the multiple requirements for documentation.  I recently had the need to apply for another state medical license and came across an advertisement for Physician Licensing Service.  From the initial contact with them, I found a very professional, personal and responsive organization dedicated to achieving a rapid and efficient procurement of the desired license.  The personnel were always available to answer questions and to truly be on top of all of the paper work.  They were in constant contact with the Medical Board and the various agencies that were involved with the process.  I received my license in a very short time; while in the past, doing it myself, many months elapsed.  The cost of the services provided were well worth it.  I handily endorse Physician Licensing Service and recommend it to anyone requiring state licensure. – Dr. MBL, North Carolina
Like any other busy practicing physician, 25 years or so removed from medical school, the ‘simple’ prospect of obtaining an additional new state medical license seemed daunting to say the least.  Most of my former training program chiefs had undoubtedly retired or were deceased, and the notion of having to retrieve, sort out, contact, and cajole a battery of bureaucrats to document multiple hospital privileges, CME certificates, and even a dismissed, frivolous malpractice suit a decade in the past appeared to rise up against me as a gauntlet, to preclude me from initiating such an action.  I viewed the cumbersome process as an unpleasant deterrent, and I was ready to abandon the whole idea before it got off the ground. Then I saw an advertisement in JAMA for an organization called Physician Licensing Service offering a possible solution to my dilemma.  Sure, I’d seen similar ads before, and even after my initial call to PLS, I was still a bit skeptical.  The staff was not only courteous and sympathetic, but promised they would thoroughly and expeditiously usher the entire licensing process along – at a most reasonable cost.  PLS literally did the yeoman’s share of the leg work and they delivered on every promise they made. I obtained the new state medical license without any hassle or fanfare, a month prior to the original anticipated date.  I was so pleased with the results of their services that I ordered an additional license where one day I hope to practice part-time or teach in semi-retirement – a notion that only a couple of months ago I wouldn’t have considered possible. Thanks to the professional staff at PLS! – Dr. JBL, Tennessee I thank you all for coordinating my credentials and obtaining my medical license in the state of Maryland. I appreciate your professionalism and I will recommend your agency to my colleagues. – Dr. SM, Maryland I strongly recommend PLS for any physician applying for a medical license. The staff is extremely professional and courteous. In cases where applications may be complicated (i.e. previous licensure issues, gaps in history, foreign graduates, etc.), PLS has the experience to make your application process a rewarding one. As I have frequently told the staff, “PLS, you are the best!” – Dr. B, Pennsylvania Thank you for everything your staff has done for me. You were very professional, courteous, and attentive. I greatly appreciate your knowledge, expertise, and attention to details. In a short time, you accomplished so much that I probably would not be able to accomplish in a life-time. I highly recommend your services to everybody who is in the same need. I wish your staff many years of prosperity, that you will be able to help other physicians to achieve their goals. I will always cherish my experience with you. – Dr. MB, Ohio Thank you again for all your help with my license. I was really impressed with your promptness, reliability, and professionalism. Thanks again! – Dr. HT, North Dakota I am extremely delighted with your assistance during my Hawaii licensing process. I was able to obtain my license in less than four weeks. Everyone on your staff is kind, polite, and a pleasure to work with. Your service is extremely easy and convenient. I am excited to recommend PLS to all of my colleagues. I will never do licensing any other way! I would recommend it very highly to anyone. – Dr. CL, Hawaii I am truly grateful for the help of PLS in obtaining a medical license for California. Without their professional and efficient response to my request, I certainly would not have been able to secure this license in such a timely manner. The staff guided me throughout the process with frequent updates on the status of my application. Their knowledge of the state medical board’s requirements for licensure and excellent communication skills with the licensing authorities proved to be an important asset. The staff was extremely professional and supportive at all times. It is with great pleasure to recommend the services of PLS for anyone who requires state medical licensure. – Dr. JS, Connecticut & California Thank you for your assistance in obtaining my California & Pennsylvania licenses. Your services allowed me to save a lot of time and to concentrate on more important relocation matters. Your staff was very friendly and made it easier to obtain my licenses. They took care of a large amount of paperwork that I didn’t have to deal with and also made numerous phone calls on my behalf. I appreciate the help greatly. Thank you again. – Dr. WCC, Michigan I would like to write a letter of appreciation to your company and staff members with regard to my medical license in Florida. Your staff worked very hard and diligently with excellent communications. I will continue to recommend your company in behalf of other physicians who are too busy for paperwork like I am. Again, many thanks to you and your staff! – Dr. SSH, Pennsylvania I am writing this letter in praise of your staff. I had applied for a California license two years ago and was faced with several obstacles. However, your staff were able to help me obtain my license. I am very grateful and appreciative for her kindness and dedication in pursuing this matter. Your staff is truly an asset to your company. – Dr. AS, Arizona It has been a pleasure to work with your company. After completing the initial forms and requests, I essentially had no additional headaches. Your company has been exactly what you have advertised. This has been a painless process, obtaining my medical licenses from multiple states. I would strongly support and encourage my colleagues to use your services. – Dr. SG, Maryland Thank you for the prompt and timely services you have rendered in helping me get my Massachusetts license. Your service was very reliable and all of you at PLS were very approachable. You also made my transition easier and I was able to concentrate on other things. I would not hesitate to use your services in the future. – Dr. AK, Massachusetts I wish to sincerely thank all of the staff at PLS in enabling me to secure my Florida medical license. The requirements there are complex, especially for someone who graduated some thirty years ago as in my case. PLS handled my case in a most professional and timely manner. Whatever was required of me was spelled out in a clear, concise format that was easy to follow. Total effort on my part was kept to a minimum. I shall not hesitate to use your services again and will most definitely refer my colleagues to your office. – Dr. AD, New York It has been a pleasure working with PLS; they did all the work! I spent about 2 hours on my Texas application and hardly got anything done. I was so frustrated because I knew it would take so much longer to complete and I was not even sure that all of the details were going to be correct. It took me about 15 minutes to complete the information for PLS and they did everything else. They made all the phone calls and kept everything moving. They called or emailed me with weekly updates. I recommend this to anyone who does not want to waste hours of time completing applications and being frustrated. I also recommend PLS to anyone who needs a license fast because they will make sure you get it as quickly as possible. – Dr. CM, Texas Thank you for all your help with the Arkansas Board. I don’t think I would ever have had the patience to do the research required to obtain all the records, some of which were as many as forty years old! Your professional service saved me literally hours and hours of time-consuming letter-writing, not to mention the hair-pulling frustration of dealing with the bureaucracy of record keeping and preservation. Your service is worth every penny and, in the future, I would never attempt to deal with licensing boards without your help. – Dr. JC, Massachusetts  I employed PLS to assist me with obtaining my California Medical License upon moving to California. PLS handled the whole license submission process for me, including completion of the application, submission of all necessary documents, and contacting sources to obtain necessary information. In addition, they served as liaison with the California Medical Board on my behalf during the review process and handled all these duties in a very professional and organized manner. They were always available to me when I had questions and would contact me on a regular basis with updates on the review of my license. All my contacts with them were positive and I felt any issues with my license were followed up on in a timely manner. The process for my license went very smoothly and I attribute much of this to the professional way PLS handled it. I was very pleased with the service PLS provided me. – Dr. A, California I highly recommend the staff at Physician Licensing Service. They saved me an extreme amount of time and money by working closely with the state medical board as liaison. I recommend them to any doctor who wishes to obtain medical licensure in any state without the cost or time associated with the process. – Dr. JA, Pennsylvania I write this in enthusiastic support of PLS. I found them listed in the New England Journal of Medicine when I was contemplating a move to Connecticut. I have experienced the process of obtaining a medical license in other states and have found it to be a lengthy and tedious process, which requires time and patience. It involves filling out lengthy forms that need to be sent out to different institutions and have to be followed up with phone calls to administrative staff who are busy with other issues. It is a true test of one’s patience, persistence and to some extent, charm, to complete all the requirements. This is often hard for physicians who are busy with their patients and other responsibilities and are always pressed for time. I found the solution to this daunting task by calling PLS. From the first conversation, I was impressed by their services. They were able to give me clear information about the requirements for a medical license in Connecticut. I filled out a form with all the necessary information only once and the rest was taken care of. The staff at PLS was always polite and prompt to answer any questions that I had along the way. I had my license in less than a month without spending numerous hours filling out forms or making phone calls. I think that this is a very useful service for busy physicians. I highly recommend them and would use them again without a second thought. – Dr. JZ, Connecticut It has been a pleasure working with you and will enthusiastically recommend Physician Licensing Service to anyone in need of your services. – Dr. JH, Florida