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State Boards require that you submit detailed and lengthy applications and provide direct verification of your education, training, exams, licenses, work history and several additional queries, profiles and reviews. A licensing process now means that you will spend over 10 hours completing applications and forms and making dozens of phone calls.

PLS has developed several proven service options. Each service option is designed to:

  • Eliminate your involvement with the paperwork, phone calls and verifications
  • Pave a clear pathway to licensure
  • Make your licensing process hassle-free, fast and predictable
  • Properly utilize the Licensure Compact Agreement where available

Full Service Licensing for MDs and DOs

$500 Standard $650 Accelerated
$450 Standard $550 Accelerated (Resident/Fellow Rate)

When you choose Full Service Licensing you have selected the most comprehensive and powerful licensing solution available today. All details, phases and tasks are professionally handled by a PLS Licensing Consultant, meticulously trained to use the effective and efficient PLS licensing system.


  • All license service details (pre-qualification, research, applications, verifications, etc.) PLUS:
  • Proactive follow-up on all verifications
  • Resolution on any missing item
  • State Medical Board follow-up
  • Full detail confirmation through issuance
  • State Controlled Substance Permit submission.
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$250 License Launch

License Launch is a service you’ll find valuable if you want more control over the licensing process, but also want to take the research and guesswork out of it.

License Launch provides you with a professionally completed application, all necessary forms, and concise instructions on what to do with them.  You control the speed of the process.

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  • Ordering takes just minutes
  • You’ll be fully pre-qualified and certain you are eligible
  • Your application will be professionally completed for you
  • No hassle searching & no question that you’ve filed the correct application
  • Streamlined instructions on how to obtain the few verifications that will be needed
  • Peace-of-mind for just $250
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Licensing Maintenance Service

$200 Each Renewal Period

Have you ever forgotten to maintain or renew one of your licenses? If you are licensed in multiple states, then your answer is probably “yes.” Avoid paying late or reprocessing fees by utilizing our unique service. The best part is that you only pay for the maintenance in the year the renewal is due. So if your license is a bi-annual renewal, you only pay in the year that the renewal comes due.


  • No more tedious renewal tracking
  • No paperwork
  • Peace of mind: no worries about forgetting to renew
  • Automatic: we remind you that we are renewing on your behalf
Next Steps

Your Involvement In The Process

Simply complete a short order form and we will do the rest. A PLS Licensing Consultant will pre-qualify you for licensure, organize your credentials, and contact you for a quick consultation by phone or email. Following the consultation, you will receive a professionally completed application for your review and signature. Your involvement in the process will be reduced to minutes.

In addition to completing the research, state applications, and verification forms, PLS completes all follow-up and follow-through to ensure the timely processing of the required verifications. You will receive regular communication by your PLS Licensing Consultant updating you on the
progress of your application and verifications, projected time lines and other important licensing information. You will feel in control without having to devote your time and resources completing the licensure process.