Idaho State Board of Medicine

Idaho-Medical-LicenseWestgate Office Plaza
1755 N. Westgate Dr., Suite 140
Boise, ID  83704
P.O. Box 83720 (Mailing Address)
Boise, ID  83720-0058
Phone: (208) 327-7000
Fax: (208) 327-7005
Executive Director: Nancy Kerr


  • Application Fee: $500
  • Background Check Fee : N/A. Fingerprinting required.
  • License Renewal: $250


  • Application process: 8-12 weeks
  • Board Meetings: The Board meets on a quarterly basis. Once file is complete, there is a 45 day waiting period before a license can be issued. If applicant has no malpractice (or one minor case), license may be issued without having to go to the Board meeting.

What you need to know:

  • Expiration: Applications expire after 1 year from the date it is received by the Board.
  • Interview: Not required. The Board may require the applicant to attend a personal interview when, for instance, 1) the applicant has committed any acts constituting grounds for denial of license 2) the Board is in receipt of information requiring additional information or explanation from the applicant and 3) the applicant’s application is incomplete or requires further explanation.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • USMLE Attempt Limit: 3 attempts on all steps.
  • USMLE Time Limit: Must complete USMLE steps I, II, & III within 7 years of passing the first step; 10 years for MD/PhD dual degree.
  • PGY (AMG): 1 Year (ACGME accredited only)
  • PGY (IMG): 3 Years (ACGME accredited only)

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About Idaho:

Idaho is in the Northwestern United States. The state’s largest city and capital is Boise. Residents are called “Idahoans”. Idaho was admitted to the Union on July 3, 1890, as the 43rd state. According to the United States Census 2010, Idaho had a population of 1,567,582. Idaho’s nickname is the Gem State because nearly every known gem has been found there. In addition, Idaho is one of only two places in the world where star garnets can be found (the other is the Himalaya Mountains, in India), and is the only place six pointed star garnets have been found. The state motto is Esto Perpetua (Latin for “Let it be forever”).

The exact origin of the name remains a mystery. In the early 1860s, when the United States Congress was considering organizing a new territory in the Rocky Mountains, eccentric lobbyist George M. Willing suggested the name “Idaho,” which he claimed was derived from a Shoshone language term meaning “the sun comes from the mountains” or “gem of the mountains”. Willing later claimed that he had made up the name himself. Congress ultimately decided to name the area Colorado Territory when it was created in February 1861. Thinking they would get a jump on the name, locals named a community in Colorado “Idaho Springs.”

Idaho is a mostly mountainous state, and is the 14th largest state by land area, with an area larger than all of New England. It is landlocked, surrounded by the states of Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and the Canadian province of British Columbia. However, the network of dams and locks on the Columbia River and Snake River make the city of Lewiston the farthest inland seaport on the west coast of the continental United States.

* This excerpt is taken from Wikipedia. For further information on the History, Geography, Climate, Politics, & Culture of Idaho, click here.


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