YOUR INVOLVEMENT IN THE PROCESS Simply complete a short order form and fax, mail or e-mail a copy of your current curriculum vitae and we will do the rest. Within twenty-four hours of receiving your curriculum vitae, a PLS Licensing Consultant will pre-qualify you for licensure, organize your credentials, prepare the required application and verification forms and contact you for a quick 5-10 minute consultation by phone or e-mail. Following the consultation, you will receive a professionally completed application for your review and signature. Your involvement in the process is literally reduced to minutes. On average our clients invest 15-20 minutes to complete a licensure process.   In addition to completing the research, state applications, and verification forms, PLS completes all follow-up and follow-through to ensure the timely processing of the required verifications. For Full Service applicants, you will receive regular communication by your PLS Licensing Consultant updating you on the progress of your application and verifications, projected time lines and other important licensing information. You will feel in control without having to devote your time and resources completing the licensure process.   PLS is not like other licensing companies who try in vain to force each unique physician into a rigid licensing process. That is why we tailor fit the licensing process to your needs.   **Application and verification fees are in addition to the PLS professional service fees. Call for pricing.