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“Ground Rules” When Applying For Medical Licensure

The American Medical Association has put together what they call “ground rules” when applying for medical licensure.  Here are some highlights of the article we found interesting and what Physician Licensing Service does to help.   Increasing public demand for protection, coupled with the growth in the number and sophistication of fraudulent practitioners over the […]

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When To Hire a Medical Licensing Company, Part Two

  In “When To Hire a Medical Licensing Company, Part One” we outlined the larger, more obvious reasons to hire a licensing assist agency to help with your physician licensing application.   In this installment, we would like to address the mathematical approach to hiring a medical licensing service.  Residents:  Listen up!  This will apply […]

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Medicaid Leads To More ER Visits…

Having Medicaid leads to 40% more ER visits, say researchers January 3, 2014 | Medical News Today   New Research suggests that adults who have their medical care covered by Medicaid use emergency rooms 40% more than adults in similar situations who do not have health insurance.  This is according to a study published in […]

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Physician Licensing Service Consultant Sets New Record

In October, Physician Licensing Service Senior Consultant, Tai Roach, set a new record for medical licenses issued in a single month with 84.  Several medical licenses were issued in less than four weeks.  Tai issued medical licenses in 24 different states in October alone, and 48 different states so far in 2013!  With well over […]

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Common Medical Licensing Misconceptions

Common Medical Licensing Misconceptions   1.     Getting the application to the medical board is the most important part of starting my license… Humans are linear thinkers – we like timelines and rational processes and we really like our numbers to run in sequence: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.; so we get easily frustrated and panicky […]

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