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13 Aug 2012

1 in 3 Physicians Plans to Quit Within 10 Years

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The following excerpt is taken from HealthLeaders Media’s John Commins based on a recent survey of more than 2000 physicians. The online survey by Jackson Healthcare was conducted between April 19-27, before the U.S. Supreme Court’s affirmation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Read more

07 Aug 2012

Health Advisory – Influenza A H3N2v Identified in Indiana

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The following is an official Indiana Health Alert Network Advisory Message. This information has been provided by the Indiana State Department of Health as of 8/1/12.
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28 Jul 2012

Policy Changes at the FSMB

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New FSMB Policy Addresses Physicians Reentering Practice After Extended
Absence from Medicine

The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) House of Delegates adopted a new policy addressing patient safety and other issues related to physicians reentering clinical practice after a significant leave of absence from medicine. The policy was adopted during the FSMB’s 2012 Annual Meeting in Fort Worth, Texas, on April 28.

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23 May 2012

Indiana & Immunization – “MyVaxIndiana”

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Indiana State Department of Health Takes Strides to Improve Immunization Rates
Starting in July, the Indiana State Department of Health will introduce an online tool, “MyVaxIndiana,” allowing the public to directly access their immunization records. Join them for their online Webinar on Wednesday, May 30th from Noon to 1:30 pm where you’ll be introduced to the web portal & be able to ask questions regarding this innovative system. Read more

02 Feb 2012

A Message from the Florida Board

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New Chairman & Executive Director for the Florida Board of Medicine

The Florida Board of Medicine enters 2012 with a new Executive Director, Joy A. Tootle, and Board Chairman, Jason J. Rosenberg, MD, FACS. We’d like to take this opportunity to express our well wishes to the exiting Chairman, Dr. George Thomas. Chandra Prine continues to perform as Program Operations Administrator with whom we have had a long-standing, excellent professional relationship. Read more

12 Nov 2011

RSNA 2011

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PLS gears up for RSNA 2011 in Chicago

For a fourth consecutive year, PLS will attend the RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. Participation in this massive exhibit of the latest innovations in medicine, energy of the brightest minds, and explosiveness of positive change & learning has proven to be personally & professionally rewarding for our company. Read more

12 Aug 2011

“Labs on a Chip”

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Detecting Diseases in the Field

Can the most modern of technologies help solve the health woes in the poorest countries in the world? Some biomedical engineers say yes. They are designing diagnostic laboratories that fit on something as small as a credit card, and give results in minutes instead of hours or days. These devices are sometimes referred to as a “lab on a chip.” To use them, all you need to do is obtain a drop of someone’s blood.
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23 May 2011

Collaboration & The Collective Brain

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Matt Ridley: When Ideas Have Sex

The concept of the meeting & mating of ideas, presented in this TEDTalk, draws importance to the profound nature of the collective brain. As Matt Ridley states, “Prosperity comes from everybody working for everybody else.  The sophistication of the modern world lies not in individual intelligence or imagination; it is a collective enterprise.” We often take the DIY approach to accomplish our greatest feats & solve the most minute problems. However, as Ridley demonstrates, this is not always the most effective approach. As we create, develop & specialize in certain areas to contribute toward a collective enterprise, we all benefit from the synergy of effort & progress. Read more

15 Mar 2011

Solving a Healthcare Crisis

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Anthony Atala: Printing Human Organs

When we come across stories of this magnitude, we find it necessary to put off discussing medical licensure & bring to you slightly more compelling topics, like this TEDTALK presenting the incredible advances being made in the engineering of human organs & how this ingenuity is capable of solving a major healthcare crisis – the shortage of organs for transplants.

Watch this short TEDTALK presented by Surgeon Anthony Atala and be inspired, amazed, and part of a solution. Read more

06 Jan 2011

Giving Back To The Community

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Medical Board of California: $105,000 in Awards for Recently-Licensed Physicians

Almost 10 years ago, the Medical Board of California envisioned a loan repayment program to encourage recently licensed physicians to practice in underserved locations in California by authorizing a plan for repayment of their student loans (up to $105,000) in exchange for a minimum three-year service.  Read more