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17 Apr 2013

Common Medical Licensing Misconceptions

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Common Medical Licensing Misconceptions


1.     Getting the application to the medical board is the most important part of starting my license…

Humans are linear thinkers – we like timelines and rational processes and we really like our numbers to run in sequence: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.; so we get easily frustrated and panicky when is seems like a process is not moving along in line with our perceived expectations.


When licensing on one’s own, the logical first step is to fill out an application, send it to the medical board and then compile a list of verifications to request to be sent to the medical board. This process is fine, if your licensing needs meet the following requirements:
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05 Apr 2013

Celebrating 16 Years!

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About Physician Licensing Service

Now in our 16th year of business, Physician Licensing Service has been changing the face of healthcare licensure.  We have developed a proven system to remove the barriers common to state medical licenses and get doctors practicing in record time.  Our business model focuses on simplifying the process for all involved parties. This includes the state medical boards themselves, because PLS takes great care to keep abreast of their updates in this ever changing field, and work within those guidelines. For a doctor seeking a medical license, PLS will take on the entire process, including eligibility research, paperwork, verifications, and follow up. Read more

03 Jan 2013

A New Year, A Better Way

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A new year habitually sets the stage for heightened initiative, energy, and commitment. We revisit our core values to actualize our goals so that we may propel along the continuum of progress & achievement. And as our staff members here at Physician Licensing Service realign themselves personally and individually to offer their best selves in service to our clients, as a team, we are recreating the energy & dedication indicative of PLS to deliver our best year yet. Read more

07 Nov 2012

More Contamination Identified in NECC Medical Products

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Official CDC Advisory from the Health Alert Network
The following information is provided by the Health Alert Network as one of two advisories CDC has recently issued regarding the fungal meningitis outbreak. In addition to the FDA MedWatch, clinicians are also requested to report any adverse events associated with these products to the ISDH Surveillance and Investigation Division at 317-233-7125. Read more

24 Oct 2012

The Impact of the Medicare Sequester

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In a recent America Medical Association article “Massive Job Losses Expected Under Medicare Sequester,” amednews staff writer Charles Fiegl delivers potent insight into the Medicare Sequester and how it will impact our healthcare and economy. Read more

10 Oct 2012

Mayo Clinic Delivers Solutions for Stroke Patients

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When a stroke occurs, every minute counts. It is estimated that almost half of Americans live more than an hour away from a primary stroke center. As the first medical center in Arizona to study telemedicine as a means of serving stroke patients in non-urban settings, Mayo Clinic’s telestroke service aims to bridge that gap – saving time, money, & ultimately lives. Read more

04 Oct 2012

What Can You Do About Cancer?

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The colors of October conjure images and meaning for all of us. For some, it may be the earth tones of Fall & its uncanny nostalgia, the iconic colors of Halloween, or even the colorful theme of our favorite football team as full season resumes full swing. Colors like pink & blue now seem to dominate October’s arena as Cancer Awareness month has us all “turning over a new leaf,” focusing our energies and topics on Cancer and what we can all do to confront it, provide support, & honor those who have fought the battle. Read more

27 Sep 2012

Important Information for Physicians Licensed in Kentucky

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Recent legislation in Kentucky requires all physicians licensed in Kentucky authorized to prescribe or dispense controlled substances to register with the eKASPER system. This includes physicians who are licensed in Kentucky and practicing out of state. Failure to register may result in action against a physician’s license. Registration is free & available at Read more

21 Sep 2012

Physicians Burning Out

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New research shows that U.S. physicians suffer from more burnout than other workers in the country. The study’s authors note several factors for the burnout, including the impact of indirect clinical tasks such as paperwork getting in the way of the physician-patient relationship. With the rising trends & growing demands on our overtaxed physicians & healthcare system, it’s important that some of the more menial tasks riddled with endless paperwork, like licensing & credentialing, be delegated to others that can alleviate some of the components of this increasing burnout among physicians. Outsourcing to mitigate the burnout may not only be time saving & cost effective, but may very well reduce the health risks involved with the burnout & prove longevity for a physician’s career. Read more

10 Sep 2012

5 Health Conditions to Treat through Telemedicine

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With the shortage of physicians and patient wait times becoming ailing concerns in the scope of our country’s healthcare dilemma, telemedicine and technological innovation offers solutions to tackle some of these challenges.
Telehealth applications derived from cellular & satellite networking services are growing rapidly in the market, providing significant value to healthcare. The following is taken from New Media Producer, Steff Deschenes: Read more