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Physician Licensing Service

Physician Licensing Service was established in 1997 as the original medical licensing company in the United States.  We’ve seen many licensing companies come and go over the years.  PLS is the only medical licensing company with the size, experience, and resources to prove trustworthy longevity.

Experience Matters

Experience matters, and we’ve been around longer and issued more licenses than anyone else.  Choosing to have a reputable licensing company handle your processes for you can be a very wise and beneficial move.  Beware of small licensing companies with short histories and unverifiable office addresses.  These companies can, and do, disappear without warning.  Make the safe choice.  Choose PLS; the company with a proven track record.

Physician Licensing Service rose out of the demanding needs of the Locum Tenens industry, spending more than two years building a broad research base and infrastructure before opening its doors.  After tens of thousands of files, it’s rare that we come across a medical licensing scenario that we haven’t seen or already solved.  Our methods save you time and money.

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