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3 Ways to Stay Healthy

Parents, with school back in session, it’s time to look for ways to keep your kids healthy. Kids are going to pass germs with so many different people every day. Most teachers have hand sanitizer available in their classrooms but the three ways I’m going to talk about is how you can help out from home.

Idea 1: Exercise and Diet

It is recommended for kids to exercise more than 60 minutes a day. In the society we have today kids spend more time on electronic devices. It’s ok for somethings but it needs to be watched and controlled. We need to be the master of it and not the other way around. Diet can be hard for kids because they would much rather have a chocolate bar over vegetables. You will need to be creative.

Idea 2: Keep up with Vaccines

This one is a simple one but a big deal. It may take time to do but it will not only help your kids, but it will help everyone they associate with. Vaccines are designed to help keep us healthy and not sick. Again, it’s not the only way to help. The healthier of a lifestyle you live, the better the vaccines will do.

Idea 3: Healthy Routines

This is one of my favorites. Everything from brushing your teeth in the morning and at night to the volume of the music you listen to. Habitats don’t only help our physical health but our mental health as well. Create good relationships with your kids so you can understand what they need. Learn their signs and do what you can to help.

Health is something that even billionaires can’t buy. It’s something that you have to strive to do. Help create a culture where people are willing to ask for help when they need it. Medical Physicians are paid to help. As people get older it gets harder so start now and be proud of yourself. 

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