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30 Nov 2017

State Medical Boards Slammed After New Year – Experts Suggest Applying NOW

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The contract rush is real around the turn of every new calendar year for physicians looking to relocate or extend their telemed reach into new markets. Expect the medical boards to be extra busy this holiday season with all of the movement in the medical industry to expand its operations.

20-year-anniversary-v2Because of the high demand for physicians in the United States, many experts in the medical licensing field have suggested that doctors get ahead of the new year’s rush by applying now for needed medical licenses. Medical boards prioritize licensure by the order of submission and getting in early before the January 1 rush ensures you will be licensed first.

Physician Licensing Service has spent the last 20 years mastering each state medical board in United States. The expertise gained in our 20 years of serving physicians have made us a valuable asset to 1,000’s of medical practices in North America.

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