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30 Jun 2017

What is the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact? – What Doctors Need to Know

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The world of medical licensing in the United States has changed and the physician has come out on top. 


The IMLC is a great way for telemedicine, Locums Tenens and individual doctors looking to relocate to practice across state lines with a simplified and expedited process for obtaining medical licenses. This new licensing process can be very useful for select doctors who want to add a few more tracks of land to their practice boundaries.

Only select states have chosen to be a part of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact and of the 18 states that are currently included only 8 of them have chosen to be an SPL (State of Principal Licensure). State of Principal Licensure is a designation for a ‘Home State’ for you to base your medical practice in. In order to capitalize on the benefits of the IMLC you must be based in one of the following states:


Alabama – Idaho – Iowa – Kansas – West Virginia – Wisconsin – Wyoming


A physician shall designate one of the member states as the state of principle license (SPL), as long as that state is

  1. The state of primary residence for the physician
  2. The state where at least 25% of the practice of medicine occurs
  3. The location of the physician’s employer
  4. If, 1, 2, and 3 don’t apply – the state designated as state of residence on federal income tax
    1. A physician my re-designate a member state as the Principle at any time


There are few more unique details and requirements to qualify and for a complete list please contact Tony Hendricks,


Once the SPL is established you are now able to obtain a completely expedited full medical license in the following states:

  1. Alabama
  2. Arizona
  3. Colorado
  4. Idaho
  5. Illinois
  6. Iowa
  7. Kansas
  8. Mississippi
  9. Montana
  10. Nebraska
  11. Nevada
  12. New Hampshire
  13. Pennsylvania
  14. South Dakota
  15. Utah
  16. West Virginia
  17. Wisconsin
  18. Wyoming




Physician Licensing Service is here to help you navigate the waters of this new legislation and to learn how it can benefit your medical practice. For a FREE custom consultation on your eligibility in the new IMLC please contact Tony Hendricks, Business Director at Physican Licensing Service –

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