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21 Mar 2017

When to Hire a Medical Licensing Company- Part One

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When to Hire a Medical Licensing Company- Part One

submitted by PLS, March 21, 2017

In a perfect world, medical licensing would not be as onerous or difficult as it is in reality and you would not have to decide whether to pursue licensing on your own or hire an independent medical licensing agency to assist you.

There are mitigating factors to consider when deciding to use a medical licensing company and I’d like to discuss some common circumstances. Of course, we here at Physician Licensing Service think that you should always use a licensing agent because of our superior quality, speed and professionalism, but we know that there may be instances in which you decide to pursue a license on your own.


Below are some scenarios that warrant professional assistance:

Speed, Convenience, Efficiency & Accuracy

The process of obtaining medical licenses is time consuming.  It will pull you away from more desirable pursuits.  The paperwork, the phone calls, the chasing of verifications, the follow-up may not be attractive to you.  Hiring an experienced licensing company is an efficient and cost-prudent alternative.

Disciplinary Background or Legal Issues

If you have experienced any disciplinary actions in your medical background (either during training or in practice) or if you  have ever had a run in with the law (other than minor traffic infractions- you should seek licensing advice before starting the licensing process- even if your legal issues are resolved.

Some states require more documentation than others when it comes to items in a profile that they consider “red flags”. Court documents need to be requested and narratives must be written explaining the situation in a manner that the medical board finds acceptable.  If you try to handle the legalese on your own, you will likely have to duplicate your efforts until the documents are arranged to the board’s satisfaction. These delays can cost you time and money if other documents expire at the board while you are busy re-doing work on a few items.

Revocation, Investigation or Suspension of Any Medical License

Similar to the above situation, you need to investigate whether you qualify for a new license if you have had issues with other licenses in the past. If you have a license revoked and you do not have another unrestricted license to practice in a different state, you will not likely be granted a license in another jurisdiction.  If you are luckily granted a license, it may be automatically restricted by the granting jurisdiction, thus creating additional issues for you in the future since you now have one revoked and one restricted license, instead of just a revoked license.

Suspensions and investigations are similar to the above situation in which you will need to gather documentation and write narratives for the situations in question- even if the suspension is complete or the investigation was closed. A good rule of thumb is to consider anything that has been reported to the NPDB or shows up on your medical licensing profile as a red flag in the eyes of the medical board. Seeking professional licensing assistance in these instances is in your best interest.

Graduated from Medical School Overseas, Graduated from Medical School More Than Twenty Years Ago or Graduated From a Medical School That Has Closed

Any of these situations will usually require additional footwork to verify through primary sources (required by the state medical boards) and will take a few extra hours of legwork.  Some of these issues can be alleviated if you already have an established FCVS profile (see our blog about FCVS), but if you do not have FCVS, then you will certainly need professional assistance to source the necessary documents to complete your medical license.

Thus concludes part one of our Professional Assistance Series.  If you have additional questions, or wish to find out more about hiring a professional medical licensing company to assist you with your state medical licensing or credentialing needs, please contact us directly at or call our toll free number at (801) 816-1149.

Check back next week to read our blog about claiming your licensing fees as tax deductions.

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