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23 Jan 2014

When To Hire a Medical Licensing Company, Part Two

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In “When To Hire a Medical Licensing Company, Part One” we outlined the larger, more obvious reasons to hire a licensing assist agency to help with your physician licensing application.


In this installment, we would like to address the mathematical approach to hiring a medical licensing service.  Residents:  Listen up!  This will apply to you a little later…


Put simply – you really cannot afford not to.  On average, Physician Licensing Service issues most medical licenses anywhere from 15-40% faster than a physician attempting to attain licensure independently.  In real-time, those numbers translate into anywhere from two weeks up to six months in time saved.  Now, do the math; if you get your license two weeks earlier and go to work two weeks sooner, our $600 fee should more than justify itself just in time saved.


But, keep in mind all of the other benefits in addition to timeliness when using a professional licenser:

  • No verifications for you to complete
  • No applications to fill out
  • Follow up calls made by someone other than you
  • All costs (including our fee) are tax deductible
  • Precious hours saved from all of the above, for the more important things in life


We often tease residents, the most vehement objectors of paying for a licensing service (with the average debt to income ratio of most residents – we completely understand), that they should apply for their first medical license on their own, because it makes the next license much easier for us to sell to them when they’re a little more flush.


Teasing aside, there is truth in this statement.  It is much easier to sell a band-aid to a person in pain than it is to sell it to someone as insurance against the thorn bush they are about to brush against. Beforehand, there is always the possibility that the thorns won’t hurt that badly or perhaps won’t even pierce the skin… if you’re lucky!  It is human nature to undervalue something until presented with an object lesson.


The reality though, is that we often get panicky calls in June from residents who thought they could apply for a Florida, Texas or California license on their own, only to find that they are still four months away from a license that they need desperately in six weeks.  There is a fine line between frugality and fool heartedness.  Even for the most financially strapped residents, there are states for which you simply cannot adequately handle the stacks of paperwork while balancing a sixty-plus hour work week, sleep, interviews and a sliver of personal time.  If you are applying for jobs in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Oklahoma and Georgia – and you simply cannot find a way to justify the additional expense of hiring a licensing company, then by all means, take the bull by the horns and you will likely survive your Pamplona experience relatively unscathed.


But if you are applying to any state requiring FCVS, or the more popular and difficult states such as the aforementioned Florida, Texas or California – not to mention New Jersey, Arkansas or Puerto Rico – then we hope you have a saintly spouse with either a Law Degree or a CPA and a penchant for masochism.


Regardless of your reasons for opting for professional assistance, the bottom line is that you will actually save time and money (and possible your sanity) when seeking qualified help.  Even if you have plenty of time, do you really want to spend 80 hours (average man-hours for most licenses) on paperwork?  Dedicate your free time to more important things!


If you have questions or wish to find out more about hiring a professional medical licensing company to assist you with your state medical licensing or credentialing needs, please contact us directly at or call our toll free number at 888-551-2140.

About Physician Licensing Service

Now in our 16th year of business, Physician Licensing Service has been changing the face of healthcare licensure.  We have developed a proven system to remove the barriers common to state medical licenses and get doctors practicing in rec
ord time.  Our business model focuses on simplifying the process for all involved parties. This includes the state medical boards themselves, because PLS takes great care to keep abreast of their updates in this ever changing field, and work within those guidelines. For a doctor seeking a medical license, PLS will take on the entire process, including eligibility research, paperwork, verifications, and follow up.

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