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29 Jan 2014

“Ground Rules” When Applying For Medical Licensure

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The American Medical Association has put together what they call “ground rules” when applying for medical licensure.  Here are some highlights of the article we found interesting and what Physician Licensing Service does to help.


Increasing public demand for protection, coupled with the growth in the number and sophistication of fraudulent practitioners over the past 2 decades, has resulted in stronger and more complex licensing boards and licensing statutes throughout the country.


Within this context, a physician seeking initial licensure or subsequently applying for a license in other states should anticipate the possibility of delays due to the necessary investigation of credentials and past practice, as well as the need to comply with necessary licensing standards.  These suggestions aka “Ground Rules” will not apply in all cases but generally will help most physicians applying for licensure as well as benefit the licensing board of the state in which the physician wishes to practice.


1. When contacting a licensing board for the first time, ask for a copy of its current licensing requirements and the average time it takes to process applications.  This will provide you with a solid idea of when to consider closing an existing practice and/or plan a move.


PLS is the longest running and most successful medical licensing company in the United States.  Our years of expertise and experience give you a head start in the licensing process.  We know the requirements for each state medical board and the current average time frames for licensure.  Don’t waste your time exploring each medical board for this information when we have it readily available for you.


 2. At initial contact, you should provide the licensing board with a resume or curriculum vitae.  This will allow a licensing board to evaluate potential problem areas early in the process.  In short, the initial contact should be used to develop a set of reasonable expectations about the duration and complexity of the licensing process to avoid frustration about the time required to obtain licensure.


When you hire PLS to assist you with your medical licensing needs, we will collect your resume/curriculum vitae, review it and create the pathway for your licensure.  In many instances we will re-work your curriculum vitae to present it in an easy to read, professional document that the state medical boards prefer, which speeds up the licensure process.  The information we gather from your curriculum vitae and brief consultation will allow us to set appropriate expectations on time frames.


 3. A physician should never try to hide derogatory information from a licensing board.  Remember that in most states, making a false statement on an application for licensure is grounds for denial or future restriction.


After 16 years in the licensing industry, we have seen it all and know the solutions to what appear to be sticky or challenging circumstances.  We routinely work with the court systems, police and medical boards on obtaining the necessary documents to satisfy the mandated licensure requirements.  We will work with you on creating a professional narrative to explain your unique circumstance(s).  We know what each medical board wants and will ask for, which allows us to be proactive in obtaining this documentation, further increasing the speed at which you will obtain your license.


 4. Personally contacting and following up with the medical schools, training programs, and appropriate hospitals will motivate these institutions to verify credentials more expeditiously.  It is important to note the difference between follow-up and excessive use of phone contact, which often delays the processing of requested verification materials.


This is where the “hard yards” are.  We obtain every verification required for your state medical license.  Once we make the initial request for verification, we follow-up and track each verification until it is received by the state medical board.  There is an art to this communication that frankly, the less experienced in licensing don’t fully understand.


 5. A wise physician will exercise patience and courtesy in the licensing process.  State licensing boards and their staff, in most cases, do the best job possible to protect the public with the resources provided them.  This requires taking the necessary time to fairly evaluate each application for licensure.


As mentioned in #4, there really is a difference between follow-up and excessive use of phone contact.  Because we can set a realistic expectation from the beginning we will be able to reduce or eliminate the frustration that comes with medical licensing.  We have great relationships with the medical boards throughout the country.  Medical board analysts know when a file comes over from Physician Licensing Service, it will be accurate, thorough and complete, making their job easier.  We exist to provide solutions in the licensing industry, that means we work hard for both the licensing board and the applicant. Through PLS, medical licensing can be made easy!


Members of the medical profession should always remember that the business of medical licensing boards is to protect the public from unqualified and unfit physicians.  However, licensing boards also strive to ensure a process that protects the legal rights and privileges of physicians.  While maintaining this balance often appears bureaucratic and cumbersome, the end result is improved health care for the people of the United States.


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Now in our 16th year of business, Physician Licensing Service has been changing the face of healthcare licensure.  We have developed a proven system to remove the barriers common to state medical licenses and get doctors practicing in record time.  Our business model focuses on simplifying the process for all involved parties. This includes the state medical boards themselves, because PLS takes great care to keep abreast of their updates in this ever changing field, and work within those guidelines. For a doctor seeking a medical license, PLS will take on the entire process, including eligibility research, paperwork, verifications, and follow up.

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