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05 Apr 2013

Celebrating 16 Years!

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About Physician Licensing Service

Now in our 16th year of business, Physician Licensing Service has been changing the face of healthcare licensure.  We have developed a proven system to remove the barriers common to state medical licenses and get doctors practicing in record time.  Our business model focuses on simplifying the process for all involved parties. This includes the state medical boards themselves, because PLS takes great care to keep abreast of their updates in this ever changing field, and work within those guidelines. For a doctor seeking a medical license, PLS will take on the entire process, including eligibility research, paperwork, verifications, and follow up.


Physician Licensing Service has been in business for 16 years and has served over 25,000 clients. We are the most trusted medical licensing company in the United States for good reason. We have the most proven system, the most expertise & experience, and the best staff to handle the tall order of medical licensing. With the uncertainties and vacillations of the economy recent years have presented, no one is immune from the challenges we all face. Yet PLS continues to prosper over these challenges so that our clients can focus on more important things. As we begin the new year, our commitment and resolve to our clients and the medical community is to offer better, faster service than we ever have & continue forward in a steadfast quest for solutions to the complex issues that continue to ail the medical industry.


We are honored to have a client base rich in commendations and client referrals and we have experienced exponential growth because of these referrals along with satisfied, returning clients. Our staff does not take lightly the trust our clients place in us and their colleagues who trust them enough to trust us. We would like to take a moment to express our gratitude to our clients for their contribution to our longevity & prosperity. May this be our best year yet – for all of us.

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