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02 Feb 2012

A Message from the Florida Board

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New Chairman & Executive Director for the Florida Board of Medicine

The Florida Board of Medicine enters 2012 with a new Executive Director, Joy A. Tootle, and Board Chairman, Jason J. Rosenberg, MD, FACS. We’d like to take this opportunity to express our well wishes to the exiting Chairman, Dr. George Thomas. Chandra Prine continues to perform as Program Operations Administrator with whom we have had a long-standing, excellent professional relationship.

There are currently 65,000 physicians serving in the state of Florida. Because we think the following information is pertinent to many of our physicians serving there & those, like many, looking to be licensed in Florida, we have included an excerpt from Dr. Rosenberg’s February message:
“I am honored to be serving as the Chairman of the Florida Board of Medicine for 2012. Our board is comprised of twelve physicians and three consumer members who are appointed by Florida’s governor and confirmed by the Florida Senate to regulate the profession of medicine in our state. Like most of you, my physician colleagues and I are practicing doctors who are engaged in the full-time practice of medicine. Our consumer members are dedicated public servants committed to ensuring the highest level of quality and safety on behalf of Florida’s citizens. Together, we know the challenges and responsibilities that physicians face on a daily basis. We know, too the tremendous sense of fulfillment that comes with the special privilege of caring for our friends, neighbors, and fellow Floridians.”
To read Dr. Rosenberg’s full message, visit

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